You might be able to find your answers here, so please read this before emailing me.

How I make these images
People often ask me what tools I use to create the images on my site. I use Adobe Illustrator to draw and design everything. If you are thinking about creating a blog like mine, but have no clue about how to design stuff, then you should try infographic generators which have their pre-designed templates and you can customize it. Once you get to used the design process, you can start creating your own images using an application such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or Sketchbook.
If you’re interested in learning Adobe Illustrator, there’s a wealth of online tutorials to get you started.

If you are contacting me about my spelling and grammar mistakes:
I was born and raised in Japan. English is my second language and it’s an extremely difficult language for native Japanese speakers to learn fluently, and I am no exception. So, don’t be mean if I make stupid spelling or grammar mistakes, otherwise I’ll write the site entirely in Japanese from now on! 🙂

Using my images
Please credit and link my site when featuring my images, then it’s all yours! (Please don’t steal.)

Need an infographic?
I drink coffee for a living, but when I’m not drinking coffee, I might be available for design work. If you would like to commission me, just email me with all the details.

Any other questions, kind words, and marriage proposals: Email me!